The D&D Legends Podcast is a 5th Edition Actual Play audio drama with a story that is uniquely it’s own. With an ever evolving world that the players shape with their characters, there’s no telling what happens next! You can follow our podcast from any of the links below which will take you to your favorite listening platform!


After defeating a gold dragon and procuring one of its eggs for a Red Wizard, the group now finds themselves free for the first time. A short time. With Camellia’s miraculous rebirth into Phoenix, the Raven Queen wants what should have been hers; the Changeling’s soul. Valkorian has also started to make moves to avenge his family, but are the allies he makes plotting behind closed doors? Will Qualu’s quest to become a Hero Of The Realm turn into a legacy of infamy with his company consisting of traitors, thieves, and shapeshifters? And did Espion say he used to work for a dark organization led by a God?

Can any good come of this?

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