Hello everyone, it’s your DM and host Brayden here and I wanted to give everyone an update on why we’ve missed releases for the past couple of weeks.

Before all that though, I’d like everyone who listens to our show to know that we love you all very much and are so very thankful that you choose to listen to us play games. We are trying to set up a discord currently that every listener can join and talk to us through. You can also reach out to us on Twitter @dndlegends for the time being.

Anyhow, I’ll start by giving you the bad news and follow it up with good news! So unfortunately, we will not be uploading anything more of Season 2. We recorded every session and had every intention to, but due to my own lack of a brain I didn’t back up any of the episodes we recorded. The hard-drive that I had everything saved on decided to crap out on me and everything that wasn’t already posted was lost. There were about 8 or nine lost episodes. It is because of this that we will not be releasing anymore of Season 2.

THE GOOD NEWS NOW! The good news is that I have rectified the issue and we will be releasing the first episode of Season 3 today! We don’t have a backlog anymore but now we can also release relevant information that relates to where we currently are in the campaign and our Twitch shows won’t be extremely far ahead of the podcast side.

Once again, thank you all for coming along with us on this journey!

Music by Vindsvept