Season 3 | Episode 2 - With Me Or Against Me

After inviting Qualu and Espion (aka Pi) to join the party, the new band of adventurers make their way to speak with the Lord of Fivestar and the small council that has been planning for the city siege.

Join Valkorian, Espion, Qualu, and Pheonix on their adventures in the land of Escaria!

Music by Vindsvept and Tabletop Audio

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Season 2 | Episode 12 - When I Was Me (Part 3)

Season 2 | Episode 12 - When I Was Me (Part 3)

We pick up mid battle with our flashback heroes duking it out in Victory Fields. However, things seem to be quickly getting out of hand. Will anyone making it out alive?

Season 1 | Episode 15 - Death And Dying

Season 1 | Episode 15 - Death And Dying

Astraea reunites with the group. The Book of Vile Darkness is stolen and the Black Beak puts up a decent fight. Then, a skill challenge results in a few character deaths!

Season 1 | Episode 12 - Luck and Misfortune

After a brief chat with Vaerys, the groups sets out for Fairhill with the company of an Orc Fighter named Darren Holt. They have a bit of trouble along the way, but nothing they can't handle. Afterward, they manage to take a break and play a card game. Nobody knew that the game would change their lives forever...

Join Helegman (Fabian), Naurman (Jerel), Neva (Stephanie), Astraea (Elise), and special guest Darren Holt (Ryan), on their adventures in Escaria!

Music by Vindsvept