Story Background

The throne of Escaria sits empty, it's last emperor killed. Murder and bloodshed tear through the continent as 3 different alliances fight for the Scarlet Throne. 

While civilization played their war-games, the dark god Zehir had other interests. With the help of a Necromancer, the brilliant spirits of 10 adventurers were captured and sacrificed to Zehir. The ritual sent their souls to Sheol, the dark god's chaotic plane of existence. 

Left neither living nor dead, the souls were kept as prisoners. Zehir slowly began consuming each of the souls, growing stronger with each spirit he devoured. Due to the lengthy process of devouring a soul, 5 years passed; only 3 were left. 

For Naurman, Neva, and Helegman however, Fate had other things in mind.

The War In Escaria

Escaria has been at war for the past 10 years and on the brink of it for longer than that. It wasn't until the murder of the Emperor that war became reality. The country of Kish is the most affected by the war, being the battleground it is fought on. With no heir to assume the throne, alliances formed and began fighting over who should rule.

Elven Queen Ayanna Arren believes an Elf should have the Scarlet Throne. Her vision is backed by the fact that Elves are the longest lived inhabitants in Escaria; that they have the most knowledge and don't behave as children or savages.

Orcish Warchief Garothmuk fights for the throne under the belief that Escaria needs a strong leader. The culture of the Orc is that of strength and honor. Leadership is given to the strongest male in Orc tribes, and they believe that Escaria needs a real leader. However, most other races view Orcs as savages.

Humans are currently defending their right to rule as they have established the government that runs Escaria currently. They are led by a man named Tiberius Greycloak, King of the North. Tiberius is a self-proclaimed King, regarded in high esteem due to his accomplishments as General under the Emperor.