Naurman Keaqirelle

Naurman is a Half Elf Rogue. She aspired to become a famous Bard but after an attack that left her with a strange black mark, her musical abilities have begun to falter. Losing the one thing that kept her emotions in check, she turned to more kleptic approach. Losing  her aspiration for the time being, she set her sights upon the next item on her list; a seat on the Elven Council in Longvale.

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Neva is a snow elf Sorcerer princess from the diseased city of Genovia. It used to be ruled by her family, up until an earthquake hit and caused them and the accompanying town magic users to go mad. Blood was shed, and many lives were lost. Neva and 5 of her friends managed to escape the city, but she lost her parents in the midst of destruction. She wishes to find the culprit of the disease, believing that this earthquake was not natural. Her quest revolves around finding justice for her fallen friends and family.

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Helegman Keaqirelle

Helegman is a Half Elf Paladin from Longvale. His allegiance lies with the Raven Queen, from whom he took the Oath of the Grave. He escaped the prison of Sheol alongside Neva and his twin sister Naurman. His primary goal now is to protect his sister on their journey home.

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A Lich's curse has rendered me unable to shape change back into my Dragon form. This happened around 100 years ago. 
Since then, I've just been kickin' it. I figure I've got all the time in the world to find and slay this Lich, so I decided to train my new body. It took me a few years to really get comfortable, but I managed. For the past 50 years I've refined this body and mind to become a killing machine, training on a mountain peak with the most elite assassins. I tend to use my abilities for good, but sometimes people I don't like happen to catch these hands. 
I'm actually trying to put a group together. We could fight crime, or rescue princesses, retrieve artifacts, I don't know. I guess whatever sounds cool. I mean hey, I'm a Dragon.