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Garrett Hawke

A man with a tortured past, Garret Hawke has assumed the role of leadership within the party. As a Paladin, he took an Oath of Vengeance from the goddess Calistria, swearing to avenge the death of his family.

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This Cleric of Lathander always seems to will the good of others, though many occasions arise when her actions tell a different story. Why does she wear so many faces and what is with scratching “RUIN” into everything when she seems to lose herself?

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Percival Von Aradorus

A poor, world-weary Tiefling or perhaps a he carries a title of nobility in a great land, Percival is always there to give a person what they need…or so he says. What’s the deal with the demons by the way?

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Rovu The Sly

An endlessly tired Kobold with a drinking problem, Rovu can’t seem to find a place in the world. Banished from his tribe, he now wanders from place to place, racking up a massive debt to the blood suckers of Tooth and Scale. Will he ever be accepted by society as a whole?