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Val has many titles; The Black Prince, Kingslayer, Traitor, Murderer are a few to name. He is the Prince of Inkari on the run from his Empire who currently want him for the murder of the King, Queen and all his siblings.


Pheonix (Nix/Phee)

Formerly known as Camellia, Pheonix is Cam and Pax merged together into one personality. The split that occurred in their former body which resulted in the death of Ruin, gave the two of them a new form. Now, Pheonix only wishes to help Valkorian while also keeping safe the child in her womb.

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Rovu The Sly

An endlessly tired Kobold with a drinking problem, Rovu can’t seem to find a place in the world. Banished from his tribe, he now wanders from place to place, racking up a massive debt to the blood suckers of Tooth and Scale. Will he ever be accepted by society as a whole? Will Tooth And Scale ultimately be his demise?