Meet the Members of D&D Legends



Creator of D&D Legends.

Game Master of Season 1 and 2

Twitter: @SnowAspire

YouTube Channel: SnowAspire Gaming



The voice of Pax.

“Heyo! I’m playing the local changeling cleric and pretend grandma, Pax. I'm a 25 year old history baccalaureate who enjoys the horror genre, rock collecting, and some good gosh-darn memes. This will be my first experience with an original campaign and my second (no, really!) ever session of D&D, but I've been involved in writing collaborative stories in one form or another for much of the past ten years. As a part of the cast of D&D Legends I'm looking forward to honing my ability to think on my feet, experiencing excitement and adventure with my new friends, and having a lot of great laughs along the way.



The voice of Rovu the Sly.

“I've been playing D&D for little over a year now. Other than Dungeons And Dragons, I've played a little bit of Pathfinder but only Pathfinder Society which wasn't for me. I also play video games.



The voice of Garrett Hawke, the notorious bandit outlaw and Paladin of Vengeance.



Voice of Percival Von Aradorus.

A simple man with a simple plan; make fond memories and tell a good Tale.