Meet the Members of D&D Legends



Creator of D&D Legends.

Game Master for Tales Of Escaria

Twitter: @ItsMrAspire

YouTube: /MrAspire

Twitch: /ItsMrAspire

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The voice of Phoenix.

“Heyo! I’m playing the local changeling cleric/druid, Pheonix. I'm a 25 year old history baccalaureate who enjoys the horror genre, rock collecting, and some good gosh-darn memes. This will be my first experience with an original campaign but I've been involved in writing collaborative stories in one form or another for much of the past ten years. As a part of the cast of D&D Legends I'm looking forward to honing my ability to think on my feet, experiencing excitement and adventure with my new friends, and having a lot of great laughs along the way.

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The voice of Espion and Rovu.

“I've been playing D&D for little over a year now. Other than Dungeons And Dragons, I've played a little bit of Pathfinder but only Pathfinder Society which wasn't for me. I also stream video games on Twitch!

Twitch: /F5Y6

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The voice of Garrett Hawke

Sam is a bit of a mystery. He hasn’t given us a glimpse into who he is yet.



Voice of Qualu.

The great Dragonborn Bard who’s goal is to go down in legend.



The voice of Tidal, the Water Genasi Druid.



The voice of Rosalina, the Teifling Bard.